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Do I need to know lots about astrology and IFS to work with you ?

No, I work with people ranging from the absolute beginner to the professional astrologer. A curious and open mind is your most important tool here.

Est-ce qu’on peut faire la séance en français ? 

Oui, même si la majorité de mon contenu est en anglais, je vis en France depuis 20 ans et je suis complètement bilingue.

Why can’t I jump straight to the longer format Selves coaching program ?

Because my method is so unique, I wouldn’t want you to commit to the whole program before having tried out the introductory session. You might hate the way I explain astrology and sip my tea, and decide you never want to see me on zoom again. Or, like most of my clients, you might leave feeling lit up and in love with yourself. Best to be sure though.

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Hello and welcome to today’s astrology deep dive, on the subject of annual profections. Ever heard of them ? “Profection” is an old word derived from the Latin “profectio” meaning the act of moving forward. They’re a hellenistic astrological timing technique equating each house and their ruling planet of a birth chart to a specific…

How psilocybin helped me heal my trauma and bought me to parenthood

TW : mention of s*xual and substance abuse I recently held an Ask Me Anything on my IG stories and one of my followers asked me “I wanna hear more about your journey with mushies through to readiness to motherhood” and I realised the answer deserved a whole blog post. Plus it’s Gemini season and…

List of Podcasts you can listen to me on 🙂

Hey babes. I’m in the process of getting rid of my “link in bio” platform on my social media and replacing it with just my website link – because I have a Capricorn 2nd house, right, and not only am I paying for this domain and professional plan here over on WordPress (sound investment to…

I barely ever email, but if I’m running a free workshop and you want to hear about it, and IG’s not your thing, then this is the place to let me know 🙂

Catch me on IG if that is your thing though, ‘cos it’s def mine :

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