I’ve created a Patreon

I’m creating a community that looks like the kind I would have loved to have found when I started out. It’s about learning and sharing, inspiring each other and trying new things. It happens to be bilingual, like me. I want to reflect the fact that English and French speaking people want to work with me and access more of my content, so I’ve created two versions of each tier, one for each language. ​I’ll be creating separate threads in both languages for each post, to make things more accessible for my French babes, but if anyone is signed up to an English level but wants to practice some French over with the French level subscribers, feel free ! 

Depending on how much you want to put in, and get out of this community, I’ve created different tiers to reflect that. I’ve made it so that the base tier is an affordable way to access all of the PDF and video content that I will be putting up on there, as well as the text posts where we can join in conversation together. This tier is called Mercury, as much like the planet of communication, conversation, ideas and learning, that’s the vibe ! 

The next tier is called Sun, includes all of the Mercury benefits as well as access to a monthly New Moon zoom group call. Sun because this tier has the added advantage of some joyous, solar live sharing and community creating. I chose the New Moon rather than the Full Moon as I personally adore that start of cycle, fresh start, back to school, get your planners out energy we get a taste of once a month. As much as I love celebrating the Full Moon, I feel like often our irl lives come into occurrence around this period and we end up spending time in our physical communities, because that Full Moon energy is infectious and it drags you out the door. Which I love. Whereas New Moons feel more like a time where we want to cosy up inside with our laptops and a herbal tea, while still recreating that communal celebration, just virtually. Each session will have a theme to lead the discussion, but interruptions and digressions are so welcome. I want to create an atmosphere where no one is afraid to ask a “silly” question or share a personal perspective. I’ll be creating journal prompts tailored to the lunations and their aspects – which will be available for all tier levels as written prompts, but in the Sun tier we will take time to go over them together during the zoom call. Depending on the lunation, I’ll also suggest different ritualistic elements that we can enjoy solo or as a group. It will be fun, abordabl , trust me. 

The third tier, called Jupiter, gives a little bit more Jupiterian expansion and abundance to your experience of my patreon. Patrons, on top of the benefits of the previous tiers, will also get access to a 1:1 30min monthly zoom call with me, based around a Tarot pull, where they get exclusive access to my witchy wisdom. We can pull cards for you about any subject, chat about what’s going on for you at the moment – and have a look over your astrological transits to understand why ! We can swap seasonal recipes and hexing tips. It’s a monthly check-in for your spiritual health, and an easy way to work with me regularly for a very attractive price. As of right now, I’ll only be holding space for 20 people in this tier, 10 in each language. 

The final level of my Patreon is called Pluto, for those who want to add more depth and exploration to their experience. This tier contains twice monthly calls, to be able to more closely monitor the evolution of your goals. This is the tier that’s the closest to a witchy coaching experience – I’ll be setting you homework to help you move closer to your dreams, once we’ve gotten to know them together. This tier is perfect for anyone who wants someone checking in on them to help them support their vision for their future self. Given the level of support entailed, I’ll only be holding space for 10 people in this tier, 5 in each language.

Whatever tier you choose to subscribe to, I hope that this will be an experience of community and sharing for you, of helping you to feel like there’s a little corner of the internet where people get you and want to uplift you. Whether you’re a professional witch, been practicing alone for a while or you’re just starting on your journey out of the broom closet, we’d love to have you.

Here’s the link : https://www.patreon.com/daisyforrest

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