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Selves is part astrology, part IFS, part magick.

By applying Internal Family Systems theory to your astrological birth chart, you meet your Team – then you can actually start working with them.

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Selves is the condensed version of everything I’ve been researching and testing since I started this process of study of tropical astrology and self healing in 2016. Selves is astrology for reparenting, it’s IFS that can’t stop looking back to your birth chart, it’s neurospicy informed coaching from a witch.

Selves is my desire to share my tool-kit with you. It’s part of my healing too, that’s still very much ongoing, as it’s a life’s work. My healing looks like taking up space and letting all the parts of me express themselves. My healing looks like making friends with these parts of me – and astrology is the cheat code to facilitate that. My Libra Mercury and MC are really good at mediation, my Virgo Sun and Venus want to help, my 9th house stellium wants to teach. Here I am.

As a queer, traumatised, neurospicy babe myself, these ways to work with me come from the desire to serve my communities and an understanding of what it’s like to be a part of them.

This can be heavy work, the space I hold in my sessions is fully confidential and judgement free. Rescheduling for the benefit of your mental health is always valid. I’m not a mental health professional, my support should always be part of a wider therapeutic network, not a replacement for it.

I barely ever email, but if you’d like to hear about upcoming workshops and other news then leave me your details x